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三,godaddy的在线聊天客户是很专业的,他们只知道咨询专家,然后就是等待等待,然后挂断你,再无音讯;他们不知道LTD是一个崭新的后缀,他们问 我你是抢注掉了的域名,然后他们说是alipay的原因,总之不是godaddy的原因,你可以去起诉我,但我就是不退款,抱歉
总之.godaddy是如此的任性,你预定了域名,如果没成功,你可能退款很顺利,但是你也可能是下一个倒霉鬼,因为上面的理由他们也可以用在你的身上, 你可以用四个夜晚跟她们聊天申请,你可以打五个小时电话跟她们申请,你可以发无数邮件跟她们申请,结果换来的是专家的厌烦和歧视,这样的狗爹你知道吗?篇 幅有限下面附带一次完整的聊天记录,谢谢大家。

Something you have to know about reserving domain at godaddy before you have a go,otherwise you would possible to be the next victim who couldnt get your refund.
1、Godaddy always refund money casually,they often refuse to refund your money back ,remember the regulations of their reservation service show it explicitly, they might do it,just might do it.
2、 The discrimination about godaddy’s refunding,even when someother friend of mine encountered the failure of reserving a domain,he still got his money back,but for me,it's totally not the same,their expert replied to me :we will not refund your money back,we won't, and don't disturb me......

3、Seemingly,the customer service staffs were professional,once you have questions,they would be like :I’ll consult our experts about it,please wait for a moment or something,and afterwards they hang up the phone.Sadly,through a long time waiting,no one call me back,never....
4、They didn't even know Ltd is a brand new domain,it happens to Chinese customers all the time,when you were failed to reserved a domain in there,and certainly you wanted to get your money back from godaddy,all the replies that you could received would very possible to be like:it’s not our fault,due to the payment delay of alipay,anyway there is no way to blame them,I was even told that you could accuse me ,but I still won’t refund it,sorry.....

5、But comparison with some other websites such as,,they always refund your money back,probably,godaddy is way bigger than above mentioned companies,they just don’t want to pay it back to you,all because of they are more welcome and bigger.....I guess
6、Anyway,if you are lucky enough,you might get the refund from godaddy all along,but who knows,you’re also gonna be able to the next unlucky victim ,since your money is still in their hands.If the customers service guy is not happy or in a bad mood,you could spend 4 nights to wait on the line to get the application for chatting,or spend 5 hours to take with them  just for getting a application,or send tons of emails to get that damn application,guess what,the big surprise comes up in the end would only has to be their experts annoyance and discrimination,nothing else....
7、Did you ever know these things about godaddy before? As space is limited here,the detailed chatting record will be shown below,thanks for reviewing!

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